Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And so it begins! After 2 days of decisions, checking and rechecking lists, my bags are packed. Up at 7 am this morning and off to MacDonald's in town for breakfast, which is also where we will meet the Cloud 9 Shuttle, my transportation to Halifax. How convenient of them!

I'm now settled into a lovely room at the Inn on the Lake. Kerry wanted us all close to the airport a day early in case we could catch an earlier flight to TO. Turns out all earlier flights are full, but my Guardian Angels are still working with me.

Once settled in my room, I decided to top up all my batteries. Upon looking for my camera's battery charger (and second battery) it was no where to be found. Instant panic! Then I remembered. In order to create the lovely Christmas Album on my web, I took the camera out. It's battery was low, so I decided to recharge it. Good decision, except, at this point, it is still firmly plugged in to the wall at home!

A quick call to Dan, and to the Cloud 9 Shuttle service, will see the wayward charger reunited with me by noon tomorrow, in lots of time for me to get the Inn's shuttle service to the airport for 1:30. Flight leaves aat 3:30. So, I'm taking deep breaths and trusting that all will work out tomorrow. Thank GOD, or Kerry, or anyone else I can think of, that I checked on this and had a day to remedy the situation!


  1. Hi Mom! Yes, the battery recharger is a good thing to have along :) Hope the Shuttle Fairy delivers it for you ASAP.

    ~ Karen

  2. Hi Sue,
    Glad you noticed the charger was missing BEFORE you got off the ground LOL! Have a wonderful trip and will check your blog daily.


  3. Hey Mom, it looks like your flight was 25 hours late departing (correct?). . . let us know when you arrive, Karen xoxo